Compliance at KtsB Automotive GmbH

At KTSB Automotive, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of integrity, transparency and ethical responsibility. Our Compliance Policy is the backbone of our corporate values and is binding on all employees, business partners and suppliers who work with us. This policy is designed to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of legal compliance and ethical behavior.

Our foundations for compliance

For us, compliance means following applicable laws, regulations and internal work instructions. We are committed to strict adherence to this policy, which covers all relevant aspects of compliance, including data protection, environmental protection, anti-corruption and more.

Responsibilities and standards of conduct

Our employees are essential to the success of our compliance efforts. Each of us has a duty to be aware of applicable laws and regulations that affect his or her area of responsibility. We must act fairly, respectfully and trustworthily, protect the reputation of KTSB Automotive and avoid conflicts of interest. If we observe compliance violations, we must report them immediately.

Our Principles

  1. Equal treatment: Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or other characteristics is strictly prohibited.
  2. Prohibition of bribery and corruption: We do not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  3. Invitations and gifts: We accept invitations and gifts from business partners within reasonable limits and avoid any appearance of corruption.
  4. Avoiding conflicts of interest: We strictly separate our personal interests from those of the company and report potential conflicts of interest.
  5. Anti-money laundering: We only work with reputable partners and report suspicions of money laundering.

Compliance at KTSB Automotive

Our commitment to compliance is non-negotiable. We expect employees, customers and suppliers alike to respect our values and principles. For us, compliance with laws and regulations is not just a duty, but an integral part of our success.

Reporting compliance violations

We encourage our employees and business partners to report violations of this policy. We guarantee protection for reporters and will consistently pursue and remedy violations.

Training and raising awareness

To ensure that everyone in our company understands the importance of compliance, we offer annual training sessions. These trainings are an opportunity to learn about current laws and regulations and reinforce our shared commitment to integrity.

At KTSB Automotive, we are proud of our commitment to compliance and look forward to working together to promote a culture based on ethical responsibility, respect and integrity.

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