How can you file a complaint?

You have the option of sending us your complaint in written form by email to Please describe your request in as much detail as possible and attach evidence to help us process it.

Processing of your complaint

Once we receive your complaint, we will review it carefully and take action to resolve the matter. We will strive for an appropriate and timely resolution and will keep you updated on progress.

Rules of procedure for the Coplaints Mechanism

Complaint mechanism

Complaint mechanisms

KtsB Automotive GmbH is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our business practices and preventing human rights and environmental risks as well as unethical business practices. We recognize the importance of an effective grievance mechanism for internal and external stakeholders to report and address potential violations of these standards.

Confidentality and protection

We take the protection of your data and the confidentiality of your complaint very seriously. All information that you provide to us will be treated confidentially and will only be viewed by the responsible authority. We guarantee that no retaliation will be taken against anyone who files a complaint in good faith.

We value your feedback and are committed to ensuring that all concerns are addressed appropriately. Your trust in our products and services is important to us and we strive to continually improve our service.

Thank you for helping us optimize our service and maintain our commitment to quality and integrity.

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